What is Brassica?
Brassica (Bra-si-kə) is a large genus, within the mustard family.  This Latin term refers to over 40 old work spices and vegetables including cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts and so much more.  Brassica Catering was named to reflect the notion of fresh ingredients and historical roots in the art of culinary practice. 

Kevin Mooney
Kevin Mooney, Chef and owner of Brassica Catering, is a graduate of the University of Illinois and of the Cook Street Culinary School of Denver. In addition to his over 10 years of culinary experience, he has real world culinary training, having traveled and studied culinary extensively throughout Europe. His past experience includes having worked for the Palace Arms at the renowned Brown Palace Hotel, and the award winning Little Nell in Aspen. In addition, he worked over 5 years for a nationally recognized catering company prior to founding Brassica Catering.

He is a certified sommelier and is well versed in wine pairings and special dietary needs. Philanthropically, he’s teamed up with the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, often times cooking meals for up to 3,000 participants.  Whether you’re hoping to feed 3 guests or 3,000 guests, Kevin has the know how to make your next event a success.